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Redefining 21st Century Classrooms

This Tuesday, the Redefine team met for the first time. Most of the time, we talked NOT about technology, but about getting students COMMUNICATING! Giving students the chance to talk in class can be scary, especially if we are coming from the days where a quiet, orderly classroom was considered “excellent” teaching (as a teacher OR as a student ourselves). If you do a quick google search of “get students talking”, JUST as many hits come up about getting students to STOP talking (as if google thinks we forgot a word!). Continue reading “Redefining 21st Century Classrooms”

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Prepare Team and Redefining Ready!

The Prepare Team is the one team I am not officially on, and I couldn’t make the meeting this week, so I asked Barry to blog about it! Here is a quick update from the Prepare Team.

Becky K gave me the chance to guest blog.  It was a nice request.  But I rarely do this kind of writing so I will just head right into the what teachers want and need to know about the Wheeling 360 prepare team meeting on 9/20.  Continue reading “Prepare Team and Redefining Ready!”

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Danielson: Why Do I Care?

The Danielson framework for teaching and learning may feel like something you pull out of a drawer and dust off a couple of times a year when you are goal setting and going through the formal observation process.

But, good teaching is good teaching, and Charlotte Danielson kind of knows what she is talking about! When you look at our big school initiatives this year, you can see how easily what we are asked to focus on aligns with what good teaching is. Continue reading “Danielson: Why Do I Care?”

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Getting your students to know what they know (and what they don’t)

The LEAD team met last week, and a lot of work clearly has been done over the past 6 months or so. Many PLCs have established their essential standards, their scope and sequence for the course, and are working on creating formative and summative assessments to measure student progress.

BUT…creating standards, sequencing them, and assessing students isn’t going to get us to our 95% student success goal, right? Those are all things the teacher can do to get students moving in the right direction. But, as your formative and summative tests start coming in and filling up your grade book, you may be thinking, what do I do now? Continue reading “Getting your students to know what they know (and what they don’t)”

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WHS 360 Blog

In my position as “Teaching and Learning Facilitator” (I know, I am not an ITF anymore…still getting used to it myself), I get to meet with a lot of different people in both formal and informal settings. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked several times, “What exactly IS Wheeling 360?”. Last year, Wheeling 360 meant let’s get into each other’s classrooms to observe good teaching. This year, it seems to mean A WHOLE LOT! Continue reading “WHS 360 Blog”