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In my position as “Teaching and Learning Facilitator” (I know, I am not an ITF anymore…still getting used to it myself), I get to meet with a lot of different people in both formal and informal settings. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked several times, “What exactly IS Wheeling 360?”. Last year, Wheeling 360 meant let’s get into each other’s classrooms to observe good teaching. This year, it seems to mean A WHOLE LOT!

This year, our professional development plan is housed under the umbrella of Wheeling 360. With our change in leadership and some big curricular changes, too, the need to revamp SDLT (Staff Development Leadership Team) emerged. Wheeling 360 is that revamp. It allows for staff to give voice to our major school initiatives. Logistically, it is 4 different teams meeting on 4 different weeks with 4 different agendas. However, they all have the common goal of giving teachers the time to work towards our building goals and allowing participants to speak into the direction in which we are moving.

We cannot all be at all the Wheeling 360 meetings (nor would we want to be! Who likes meetings that much?). And, we certainly can’t read all of the google docs that are in all of the shared folders that have magically populated our google drives this year. So, the purpose of this blog is to help bring the big, important ideas of Wheeling 360 to your computer screen.

(I will try to be concise! I know we are all short on time.)

Thanks for reading!



Teaching and Learning Facilitator at Wheeling High School English Teacher Apple Teacher

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