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Prepare Team and Redefining Ready!

The Prepare Team is the one team I am not officially on, and I couldn’t make the meeting this week, so I asked Barry to blog about it! Here is a quick update from the Prepare Team.

Becky K gave me the chance to guest blog.  It was a nice request.  But I rarely do this kind of writing so I will just head right into the what teachers want and need to know about the Wheeling 360 prepare team meeting on 9/20. 

The Wheeling 360 prepare team started their first meeting with an overview and vision for the group.  Some of these people see each other in PLC or academic settings but this time to meet gave in-person support to 4 areas of focus.  The vision is to provide time for the following 4 areas to improve or modify their programs:

  • community service
  • redefining ready
  • math and coding class
  • AP Research & Seminar, Investigatory Design and Positive Impact.

The community service team focused on an all day event for all the freshman to experience community service together.  Math and coding continued their discussion about pairing geometry and coding classes while the redefining ready group is working on a student portfolio plan.  The AP Research/Seminar/NGIC:PI/Investigatory Design (that is almost too many names to list) group worked on streamlining the research process and planning for positive impact.  

Thanks for the update, Barry!

These are obviously big ideas that take lots of planning and coordination and are great for kids, but you may not feel a real effect on your classroom (yet). When I think about “preparing” kids for life after high school, one of the most important things I think we do at WHS, and we do a great job of it, is making goal setting with our students a priority. At Principal’s Forum this week, the kids ALL said, yes, we do goal setting in ALL of our class…and while they were annoyed a little bit by that, I was like GOOD!

On the first day of school, all kids set daily, short term, long term, and life goals. This week, Derek and the RtI team emailed the kids a reminder of the goals they set from the first day of school. This is a copy of the email they received:


If you have a student who is struggling that you can reach out to, ask them about their short term goal. See what supports they need if they are failing to meet it. Derek and the RtI team would love to hear from you if you have some good conversations with kids about their goals.

Thanks for reading!




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