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Community Service Update

As you may know, community service is an important aspect of Redefining Ready! One of the indicators of career readiness is 25 hours of community service. Additionally, our Harper Promise students are required to complete community service hours to qualify for the Harper Promise scholarship at the end of their four years. Read more about our efforts to engage kids in community service at WHS from our guest blogger, Mike Bosco! (Thanks, Bosco!)

Our goal is to find worthwhile community service experience for ALL students at Wheeling High School. With that in mind, this year the Prepare team is planning on organizing a series of events for Freshman and Sophomores that will take place in May of 2017, following AP week. The Prepare Community Service team has been working diligently contacting several organizations, in an effort to plan events that would be beneficial to the students, and logistically sound for the staff at WHS. At the moment our three potential events/ideas that we have on the docket are as follows: 
-1) Taking Students to Feed my Starving Children 
-2) Organizing a “Tutor Week” at local middle schools (London/Holmes/Mac)
-3) Volunteering at the Nursing Home/Retirement Village here in Wheeling
Over the course of the next 3 months, the Prepare Community Service team will work on organizing the logistics of the event, and how we will split up the students in order to be able to transport them to these events during the course of the Community Service Week. Stay tuned for more information!
Isn’t it great to work in a place where people genuinely care about others? From the canned food drive, to the WHS holiday party, to the welcoming of students in the hallways last week, modeling care is one way our staff makes community service a key component to “being a Wildcat”. I am sure it is cliche to say so today, but I am THANKFUL to work in a place where serving others is a priority!
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