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W360 Blog Revived!

After a long hiatus, I decided to start up the W360 blog again! Unfortunately, keeping up with the blog kept getting pushed to the bottom of my priority list this year. In January, I shared this semester long update with the Wheeling Staff, and I got some feedback that encouraged me to reprioritize. Sharing our journey of professional learning at WHS is so important. I hope that you can read and access this blog occasionally this semester and that the content keeps you informed, and perhaps even inspires you a bit. I am over and over again convinced that we are doing great things at this school, and that story needs to be told.

Part of that story is our AP program at WHS. This year, we have been struggling WELL through a growth spurt in our most advanced classes. I use the word struggle because it hasn’t always been easy, for staff and students alike, but I am also using the word WELL because the preliminary data is in, and yes, our struggle is producing some positive results.

After semester 1, 85% of all of our AP Juniors and Seniors were passing their AP classes! Additionally, 70% of our “underrepresented” students passed 1 or more of their AP courses 1st semester. While there is still room for growth as we aim to make this number closer to our pass rate for our “benchmark” (or traditional) AP students, it is definitely something to celebrate. These students are on their way to earning college credit, and while there is still a semester of work and a giant test left, it is definitely encouraging to know that so many of our students are rising to the high expectations and rigor of this coursework.

There was a lot of data discussed at our Equity meeting last week. For more info about how our AP students are doing, join Liz Delgado and Adriana Soto on Friday afternoon as they present the EOS data to any interested staff (2pm, room 143).

I hope that this little snapshot encouraged you as much as it did me! Thanks for reading!