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Shadow a Student Reflection

It has been a week since members of the ILT participated in the 2017 Shadow a Student Day. Across the nation, school leadership teams participated in shadowing students to learn more about the student experience at school. Our team consisted of our principalship, our division heads, our librarian, our RtI coordinator, and myself. On the April 3 inservice day, you will have the opportunity to come and learn more about this day, ask questions, and even sign up to participate in shadowing a student in the month of April. In case you are not able to attend this session, however, I wanted to focus on our number 1 take away.

High school students sit. A lot. Perhaps my own experience made this CRYSTAL clear because my student didn’t even have a PE class where we could engage in some physical activity for 30 minutes to break up the day. This was one of the things that we collected data on, and in over half of the classes we experienced that day, kids had the chance to get up and move, which is awesome! Eric Jensen would be proud! But after experiencing this day, I thought a lot about my own class, and MOSTLY my getting up and moving experiences consist of moving desks into groups and then back into rows…moving for 30 seconds to do…you guessed it…more sitting!¬† Continue reading “Shadow a Student Reflection”

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Reflections after the January Institute Day

Now that we are a bit more comfortably into term 3, I thought I would just take a minute to share with you all some of the “take aways” from the Assessment for Learning: Using Data to Drive Instruction¬†Institute day sessions.

Continue reading “Reflections after the January Institute Day”

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WHS 360 Blog

In my position as “Teaching and Learning Facilitator” (I know, I am not an ITF anymore…still getting used to it myself), I get to meet with a lot of different people in both formal and informal settings. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked several times, “What exactly IS Wheeling 360?”. Last year, Wheeling 360 meant let’s get into each other’s classrooms to observe good teaching. This year, it seems to mean A WHOLE LOT! Continue reading “WHS 360 Blog”