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End of Semester Q&A Part 4

Q: I know we have been encouraged to give finals early to allow for time for remediation and retakes. I have also heard that sometimes an Incomplete is issued if remediation is still necessary. When is it appropriate to give an Incomplete?

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End of Semester Q&A Part 3

Q: I like the idea of having an RA or rent-a-tutors come into my classes before final exams, but I don’t know what to do with the kids who do not need remediation. What is the best way to structure my class when I have such great diversity of ability levels and needs?

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End of Semester Q&A Part 1

Last week at the redefine team meeting, there was a lot of discussion about remediation and retakes. A lot of our assessment practices have changed this year, and it may be feeling a bit difficult at this moment, with final exams rapidly approaching, to balance curriculum, assessment, remediation, and reassessment. 

Based on the feedback of this team, I created a list of Qs, and Chris and I collaborated to provide some As! This week, I will post 1 Q and 1 A each day since they are a little long!

If you have more Qs after reading, feel free to reply to the blog or email me! We definitely hear your concerns and frustrations and want to help make the end of term 2 successful for our students AND staff!

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Getting Kids Talking

In October (yes, I am a little behind in the blog!), the Redefine team met to explore how to get kids COMMUNICATING more in our classrooms. I was very encouraged by this meeting because teacher from all different divisions shared instructional strategies and ideas to get kids communicating, and so many of these ideas were transferrable. We felt UNITED in our mission to increase effective communication in our classroom.

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Redefining 21st Century Classrooms

This Tuesday, the Redefine team met for the first time. Most of the time, we talked NOT about technology, but about getting students COMMUNICATING! Giving students the chance to talk in class can be scary, especially if we are coming from the days where a quiet, orderly classroom was considered “excellent” teaching (as a teacher OR as a student ourselves). If you do a quick google search of “get students talking”, JUST as many hits come up about getting students to STOP talking (as if google thinks we forgot a word!). Continue reading “Redefining 21st Century Classrooms”