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End of the Year W360 Update

It is almost May, although the weather had us still believing it was February until this week! Our Wheeling 360 teams wrapped up for this year, so here is an update for those of you trying to stay in the loop!

LEAD- the Lead team met to discuss the learning objective work that was done in divisions on the 4/2 Institute day. Specifically, team members focused on how learning objectives played a role in a pre and post conference, in terms of evaluation. Really, having a meaningful pre and post conference with your evaluator affects your rating in terms of Domain 1- Planning and Preparation. This domain is not observable in the classroom (only 2 and 3 are!), but during your pre and post conference, as you talk about your learning objectives, how those align to and support your scope and sequence, how those will be assessed, and how you are planning to differentiate in light of your student population, your evaluator is gathering evidence for Domain 1.

If you have questions about learning objectives or feedback after our work on 4/2 or after trying some new formats of learning objectives with your students, please feel free to debrief with your division head, with Chris, or with me (Becky).

ENRICH- The Enrich team met to debrief their work on the 4/2 Institute Day and plan for next year. This team has been exploring what it means to support reading in an non-core classroom. It has been awesome to see their progress. If you wanted were interested in revisiting the materials from those sessions on 4/2, here is a link to our google folder.

EXCEL and EQUITY- With AP tests rapidly approaching, we did not formally meet with our Excel or Equity teams in April. Before the end of the year, building administration has made plans for student focus groups to offer feedback on their experience in AP. We know that this was a growing year for our AP teachers and students alike, and we know that there may be some extra stress in our hallways, PLCs, and division offices over the next couple of weeks. Keep working hard, taking deep breaths, smiling, and encouraging one another.


Lastly, I just wanted to add that I met with our new certified staff for the last time yesterday. We had a fun, hard-working group of newbies at WHS this year. I had a very important realization listening to them. Many of these colleagues had worked in a different district before coming to 214. As they each shared about their experiences and take-aways, they ALL had something in common. Here it is, in Becky-summary-form:

214 is a great place with tons of resources. THANK YOU!

Sometimes, when it is a Tuesday that you think is a Thursday, or as you sit with a pile of papers in front of you that need to be graded, or as you are asking yet another sophomore boy to stop playing Fortnite in class, you can lose sight of that fact. We teach in a school and district that has a ton of resources, that supports teacher growth and development, and that is constantly creating new and innovative learning experiences for our students. I hope, as April turns to May and the race to the end begins, that you have the opportunity to look at WHS through the eyes of a new teacher at some point. I definitely felt re-energized by their comments and learning!

Thanks for reading!

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Spring W360 Update

Spring break is rapidly approaching, and we are about to have another W360 on Thursday, March 8. This term is flying by. In case you have been wondering what has been happening in the Wheeling 360 world, here is a quick update:

February was DATA month.

LEAD- Last month, the lead team met in divisions to review their grade data and their SAT goals. Work will continue this month on objectives and scope and sequence. This work will spread to all PLCs this spring! I am excited to have conversations about how to make my own instructional objectives more meaningful and relevant.

ENRICH- Last month, the enrich team worked on planning lessons using specific reading strategies we dove into last semester. In March, members will share out their progress as they work to incorporate reading across the curriculum. I have been able to hear from a couple of teachers and visit some classes to see these reading strategies in action, and I am super excited about the work being done. Stay tuned for more sharing about this…

EQUITY and EXCEL- Last month, these teams met separately to review grade data from our 1st semester AP classes. Here is a bottom line summary: YES, our AP numbers at WHS have grown, but our SUCCESS RATE HAS REMAINED CONSISTENT! As these teachers and students shift to gearing up for the AP test, I am sure they could use some extra encouragement. If you find yourself talking to a first time AP student, an experienced AP student, or an AP teacher during the months of March and April, spread some love.

This month, the equity and excel teams will meet together to start talking about how to build in some better supports for our AP kids at the beginning of the year, perhaps even during our student success summit. If you have other ideas about the summit, please contact me! I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

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Long Overdue Wheeling 360 Update

I don’t know about you, but February felt like a blur…and I cannot believe that we are already in the month of March. I have done a horrible job keeping you all updated on the happenings of Wheeling 360. But that doesn’t mean that our teams haven’t been working! So much has been going on, so I am going to give you a snapshot of each team.

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Community Service Update

As you may know, community service is an important aspect of Redefining Ready! One of the indicators of career readiness is 25 hours of community service. Additionally, our Harper Promise students are required to complete community service hours to qualify for the Harper Promise scholarship at the end of their four years. Read more about our efforts to engage kids in community service at WHS from our guest blogger, Mike Bosco! (Thanks, Bosco!)

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