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Spring W360 Update

Spring break is rapidly approaching, and we are about to have another W360 on Thursday, March 8. This term is flying by. In case you have been wondering what has been happening in the Wheeling 360 world, here is a quick update:

February was DATA month.

LEAD- Last month, the lead team met in divisions to review their grade data and their SAT goals. Work will continue this month on objectives and scope and sequence. This work will spread to all PLCs this spring! I am excited to have conversations about how to make my own instructional objectives more meaningful and relevant.

ENRICH- Last month, the enrich team worked on planning lessons using specific reading strategies we dove into last semester. In March, members will share out their progress as they work to incorporate reading across the curriculum. I have been able to hear from a couple of teachers and visit some classes to see these reading strategies in action, and I am super excited about the work being done. Stay tuned for more sharing about this…

EQUITY and EXCEL- Last month, these teams met separately to review grade data from our 1st semester AP classes. Here is a bottom line summary: YES, our AP numbers at WHS have grown, but our SUCCESS RATE HAS REMAINED CONSISTENT! As these teachers and students shift to gearing up for the AP test, I am sure they could use some extra encouragement. If you find yourself talking to a first time AP student, an experienced AP student, or an AP teacher during the months of March and April, spread some love.

This month, the equity and excel teams will meet together to start talking about how to build in some better supports for our AP kids at the beginning of the year, perhaps even during our student success summit. If you have other ideas about the summit, please contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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Reflections after the January Institute Day

Now that we are a bit more comfortably into term 3, I thought I would just take a minute to share with you all some of the “take aways” from the Assessment for Learning: Using Data to Drive Instruction¬†Institute day sessions.

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